Stage 22: From Condom to Eauze

Description of the stage


Today, the route runs from Ténarèze region with its fields of wheat and sunflower to Bas Armagnac area where crops differ. Here, beans are also grown for “cassoulet”dish. Don’t forget that the Southwest is the country of duck and cassoulet, and that a lot of corn is required for duck feeding. Yet, Bas Armagnac is also the place of Armagnac liquor. Vines will thus spread over the entire route.


Slope variations (+497 meters / -422 meters) are very limited for such a long stage. The stage is long because lodging opportunities on the route are scarse, unless you decide to cut the stage into two and rest in Montreal-du-Gers. As far as the course is concerned, there is no difficulty along light up and downs. The stage ends flat on the old railway line, linking Auch, Gers department capital, to Eauze, passing through Montreal. This old railway line was abandoned in 1954.


The navigation charts give you the average slopes measured on the section and the cumulative slopes, positive and negative, from the start of the stage.

In this stage, pathways and paved roads are equivalent.


Pave road: 16.3 km

Pathways: 18.3 km

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