Stage 08: From Espalion to Golinhac

 Along Lot River axis


You are in Haute Rouergue, in north Aveyron, where Lot River, the central axis, has carved a gorge, which is sometimes open into large ponds. The river flows, dominated by high plateaus, shale, volcanic rock or limestone. A mosaic of cultivated fields alternates with pastures. Yet, more forests of oak or sometimes old chestnut trees can be found on the north slopes.

In today’s walk, you’re heading north for the first time. If you plan to get to Espeyrac, there are two ways to reach the village. From Estaing, you can follow GR6 or GR65 paths, which join in Champagnac, shortly before Espeyrac. If you don’t choose GR6 pathway, what most pilgrims do, you will probably stop at Golinhac, as the stage is long to go to Espeyrac. Alternatively, you can stop on GR6 path at Campuac before Champagnac.

Slope variations today (+715 meters / -416 meters) indicate a rather difficult stage. It is really a leg-breaking step today, whatever variant you choose! Obviously, it is not insurmountable, but the road runs up and down all day. There is for example here after Bessuéjouls, a climb of 38% incline on less than 1 kilometre. And what about this never-ending uphill sloping to Golinhac?The descent to Estaing can also be tough in rainy weather.


Long live the paved road! One possibility to limit the damage is to take GR6 path from Estaing:

Paved road: 17.1 km
Pathways: 8.9 km

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